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Woman of Wealth with Jenna Black

Nov 24, 2020

In this incredible guest expert interview, I'm chatting with Dheandra Nicolette about manifesting your wildest desires!

We cover:

  • Manifesting 101: the basic steps and principles of manifesting
  • The power of alignment in receiving what you desire
  • How to work with the universal laws to manifest what you want
  • How to quantum leap into your next level and beyond
  • And so much more...


Dheandra Nicolette is a content creator and spiritual leader whose purpose in this life is to help other souls return to their highest self, so they can live their best life. Each week on her podcast, Manifest Daily, she shares her experiences and applications of spiritual lessons in a very easy and digestible format. No stranger to topics such as manifestation, parallel realities, quantum shifting, Akashic records and so much more, Dheandra has found that by sharing her unique perspective she’s able to peel back the layers of societal masking and return to her authentic self, while encouraging listeners to do the same.



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x Jenna