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Pleasure, Wealth, Power

Oct 15, 2019

Ever feel like you’re surrounded by clutter in your life (especially online) that simply doesn’t serve you? Or feel good? 

We end up signing up for ALL THE THINGS, following all the people, and getting lost in the noise of the interwebs!

And that only leads to use feeling disconnected, unsure of ourselves and in a state of comparison and scarcity. Not cool. 

I say no more to that love!

It’s time to declutter the crap holding you back from abundance, because the truth is - everything is energy and everything holds a certain frequency.

If you desire move confidence, expansiveness, abundance and wealth, you have to consciously surround yourself with people and things that hold those frequencies. Because a queen should know her worth, and curate her life to represent that - am I right?!

In this episode we’re going on a decluttering mission - to clear the  clutter that is blocking your abundance flow. Let’s do this!


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