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Woman of Wealth with Jenna Black

Nov 17, 2022

In this powerful interview Jenna speaks with Alexandra Shvarova on her work as a healer and the rise of the wealthy healer across the world.

We speak about:

  • Inside Lexy’s 6 figure sales month while she was inside Jenna’s mastermind 
  • How to birth our biggest soul work and allow our gifts to flow through us
  • How to...

Nov 1, 2022

Let’s clear money leaks! In this episode Jenna takes you through 4 specific areas in your offer suite where you can powerfully reclaim your power to clear any energetic / money leaks present. What are you ready to shift, clear and release? What are you ready to claim and decide?  


If you’re ready to elevate your...

Oct 25, 2022

Join Jenna is a workshop style episode where you can energetically tweak and upgrade your offers for pristine, clean energy flow. This episode looks into boundaries, standards and the energetics you hold within your containers.


Are you ready to work with Jenna to upgrade the energetics in your business, offer suite,...

Oct 9, 2022

In this mini episode, Jenna unlocks the truth about our energetic set points for money, success and the level in which we are “set” to receive. This powerful episode will open your mind and energy field to play in an expanded realm of desire, where all is possible.

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Oct 5, 2022

In this mini episode, Jenna shares the energetic approach to sales and calling in your soul clients that will shift you from scarcity into an open receivership flow. Open your heart, business and offers to the magnetic power you hold within you. 

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