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Woman of Wealth with Jenna Black

Nov 17, 2022

In this powerful interview Jenna speaks with Alexandra Shvarova on her work as a healer and the rise of the wealthy healer across the world.

We speak about:

  • Inside Lexy’s 6 figure sales month while she was inside Jenna’s mastermind 
  • How to birth our biggest soul work and allow our gifts to flow through us
  • How to build confidence in your soul business and the offers that you desire to create 
  • Un-attaching from money to allow receptivity 
  • Healing our business entity and allowing wealth flow 
  • Tapping into the effortless stream of abundance as a healer 

About Alexandra Shvarova

Alexandra Shvarova (Lexy) is high level healer, reflector 5/2, psychic business medium, wealth activator, cosmic channel and the founder of New Earth Medicine® the Institute of Spiritual Healing Arts. Akasha Soul® Modality and the Golden Healer® Method are the 2 main pillars of our global Institute. Lexy is devoted and dedicated to the divine path in life and business.

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